Download key generator for Zaxwerks 3D Invigorator PS 5.0.7

COMPANY DIGITAL ANARCHY, known for its high quality programs to
create special effects for Adobe products and Apple, announced the
release of the popular tool for 3D design - 3D Invigorator for
Photoshop, developed in partnership with Zaxwerks Inc., Allowing
artists to easily create extremely complex 3D objects, logos and text.
INVIGORATOR - the best helper in the creation of three-dimensional
modeling of text and logos for designers with video editing in film
and television. Working with 3D Invigorator starts with the creation
in Adobe Illustrator or contours of the text in Photoshop, then set
the depth of the object, then the graph turns into a three-dimensional
With Photoshop you can use the vector tools in Invigorator for
changes in real-time 3D objects. They can also access its built-in
word processor to use True Type fonts and Type 1, and to take
advantage of features such as Photoshop Smart Objects and Smart
● Creating 3D text using the built in text designer to create
beautiful 3D text objects.
● Exquisite 3D faces: elegant face can have complete control over
the depth, the height of the 3D text or objects that form the faces.
be given a complex 3D shape.
● Rendering styles sozdavnie different angles show a large variety
of rendering styles, including the skeleton, cartoon shading and
● Full 3D environment: the rotation of the camera to view objects
in 3D space of the results of 3D design from any angle, the movement
of individual elements in standalone mode.
● Preset materials: more than 100 presets of different materials
such as gold, chrome, glass, polished and shiny surfaces.
● Creation of material: if the presets do not produce the desired
effect, the user can create their own material, using built-in tools
or by importing user files.
● Custom Backlight: an unlimited number of rays can be placed
anywhere in 3D space. Create custom lighting options, such as the Art
Deco style, or a bright beam across the object.
3D Invigorator plug-in installed with Photoshop as a filter, and
works with all versions Photoshop CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5. 3D Invigorator
supported platforms: Windows 2000, XP Home, XP Pro, Vista 32-bit and
Vista 64-bit.