Download key generator for Siemens Simatic Step 7.5 5 SP1 and PLCSIM- 5.4

Siemens AG is a Germanengineering conglomerate, the largest of its
kind in Europe. Siemens hasinternational headquarters located in
Berlin, Munich and Erlangen. Thecompany has three main business
sectors: Industry, Energy, andHealthcare; with a total of 15
Worldwide, Siemens and itssubsidiaries employ approximately 420,800
people in nearly 190 countriesand reported global revenue of 76.651
billion euros for the year of2009. Siemens AG is listed on the
Frankfurt Stock Exchange, and has beenlisted on the New York Stock
Exchange since March 12, 2001.
About Siemens Simatic Step
SIMATICis the name of an automation system which was developed by
the Germancompany Siemens. The automation system controls machines
used forindustrial production. This system makes it possible for
machines to runautomatically. Depending on the needed function of the
machine you haveto upload the right program on your Simatic unit. This
unit is kept in acontrol cabinet near the machine.
Simatic issimilar to a digital computer which can store and run
programs. TheSimatic also has some inputs and outputs. The running
program on theSimatic controls these inputs and outputs. Both are
connected byelectrical wires with the machine. That makes a
communication betweenthe Simatic and any machine possible. As the case
may be the inputs andoutputs are set on a High? signal or on a Low?
signal by the program.These are different electrical definitions.
Finally these signals areimportant if an action in the machine happens
or not.
About Simatic S7-PLCSIM
Simulationsystems provide effective support with the development of
programs andthe following actual application. In the automation
environment, asimulated test environment including PLC and process
reduces startuptimes and thus costs, for example. Early discovery of
programming errorsand optimization of program sections enable the
optimized and errorfreeuse of the programs in the actual system. If a
program is modified, itcan be tested prior to loading it onto the
plant control system.
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