Download key generator for Native Instruments Discovery Series Balinese Gamelan

Created by the acclaimed sound-design house Soniccouture, the sound
of the Balinese Gamelan can be heard across a wide range of genres and
productions styles, from TV and film scores to electronic music
compositions, and of course, classical Gamelan compositions.
Often translated as "Orchestra", Gamelan is an ensemble of
instruments from Indonesia, typically Java or Bali. Ensembles can
differ significantly, but would be often made up of a combination of
metallophones, xylophones, drums and gongs; bamboo flutes, bowed and
plucked strings, or even a vocalist. Each instrument has been built
and tuned for playing in that specific ensemble, so tunings can differ
considerably between Gamelans.
One of the most distinctive aspects of Balinese gamelan is that each
instrument is paired, and the pairs are slightly detuned. This results
in a natural beating between the instruments - perhaps the oldest
chorus effect on the planet.
Culturally, the Balinese Gamelan has strong religious associations,
being an integral part of many Hindu ceremonies, as well a focus for
secular celebrations and festivals. Balinese Gamelan is significantly
different from the quieter, more "courtly" style of its Javanese
counterpart, perhaps due the differing historical religious climates
of the two islands.
Gamelan music is most often characterized by its bright, metallic,
percussive qualities, its distinctive and complex tuning, the rich
layering of instruments, and its cyclical form. The instruments
themselves are often beautifully crafted - traditional Indonesian
thinking sees the gamelan as sacred, with a belief that each
instrument is guided by spirits.
The instruments in this release were sampled from the London
Symphonic Orchestra's Semara Dana Gamelan Ensemble in exacting detail.
The lengthy process ensured that the living, breathing sound lost none
of its realism thanks to the painstaking recording of numerous
velocity layers - a true labor of love by Soniccouture.
This instrument features three essential elements of the larger
Gamelan ensemble, focussing on compact versions of the tuned
instruments, the big gongs, the paired metallophones and the kettle
gongs. The instruments can be categorized thus:
_The Core Instruments_
Responsible for the basic structure and melody, the Core instruments
are made up of the Gongs, the Jegog, the Calung, and the Penyacah.
This instrument includes both the upper and lower groups of these
detuned pairs, with easy control over volume and panning from the
kontakt interface.
_The Gangsa_
The Gangsa is made up of paired metallophones, including the Ugal,
Pemad�, and Kantilan. These are the busy elaborate instruments that
decorate the melody with fast interlocking patterns. Again, simple
access via the KONTAKT interface is available for adjusting the volume
and panning of these detuned pairs.
_The Kettle Gongs_
The third element in BALINESE GAMELAN is the Kettle gongs that
include the Trompong and the Reyong. These instruments have various
functions depending on the type of Gamelan in which they're used.
Sometimes they are used for melodic decoration or solo passages, other
times they can be used for very quick elaborate parts, similar to the
BALINESE GAMELAN perfectly utilizes the flexibility provided by the
free KONTAKT 4 PLAYER and KONTAKT. Switch between two different pitch
versions - "Original", for classic Balinese gamelan tuning, and
"Concert" for a more western-friendly tuning, enabling the easy
layering of Gamelan instruments with western sounds. An optional
"synth" version opens up the potential to tweak various parameters
within the instruments, so as to manipulate the instruments beyond
their natural sound. The Jammer function works like an arpeggiator
creating rhythmic arpeggio patterns easily manipulated using the
parameter controls, while also included is a function for simple
control over volume and panning for the two detuned elements of the
Gangsa or the Core instruments.