Download key generator for Siemens Simatic Step 7.5 5 SP1 and PLCSIM 5.4

Siemens Simatic Step 7 5.5 SP1 with a total of 15 divisions.
Worldwide, Siemens and its subsidiaries employ approximately 420,800
people in nearly 190 countries and reported global revenue of 76.651
billion euros for the year of 2009. Siemens AG is listed on the
Frankfurt Stock Exchange, and has been listed on the New York Stock
Exchange since March 12, 2001.
SIMATIC is the name of an automation system which was developed by
the German company Siemens. The automation system controls machines
used for industrial production. This system makes it possible for
machines to run automatically. Depending on the needed function of the
machine you have to upload the right program on your Simatic unit.
This unit is kept in a control cabinet near the machine.
Simatic is similar to a digital computer which can store and run
programs. The Simatic also has some inputs and outputs. The running
program on the Simatic controls these inputs and outputs. Both are
connected by electrical wires with the machine. That makes a
communication between the Simatic and any machine possible. As the
case may be the inputs and outputs are set on a �High� signal or
on a �Low� signal by the program. These are different electrical
definitions. Finally these signals are important if an action in the
machine happens or not.