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The information in this article applies to:
� SONAR X1 Producer
� SONAR X1 Studio
� SONAR X1 Essential
A new update is available for SONAR X1 which addresses reported
issues and adds new
functionality. This update can be installed over X1a, X1b, or any of
the QuickFix
versions. If you haven't already upgraded to SONAR X1, learn more
New features in SONAR X1c
You can read more about these features in SONAR�s online help by
clicking Help > Help Topics.
Bus Selection
Busses in SONAR X1 are now fully selectable and quick group-able.
Additionally the following commands have been added:
� ALT+CLICK on a bus will select that bus as well as all upstream
� ALT+CLICK on a track will select that track as well as all
downstream destinations
Independent Snap settings in the Piano Roll view
The Piano Roll view now has independent snap settings that can be
used to override the global snap value.
Last Note Selected for Draw Tool
The duration of the last clicked note is now remembered when the
�Last Selected� item is checked in
either the Control Bar or HUD. When the draw duration is set to
�Last Selected� the draw duration
will be whatever the last note clicked on in the Staff, Piano Roll
or Inline Piano Roll views.
23.976 FPS Timecode format
SONAR now supports 23.976 frames per second on the time ruler.
UI Updates and Fixes
� New UI for Step Sequencer
� New UI for Loop Construction View
� Various UI enhancements
Issues addressed in the X1c update
� In some cases, SONAR crashed when trying to adjust clip
� Fixed a case where SONAR would crash when showing the fret board
from the Staff View
� Mouse over options in HUD no longer freezes the UI during
� Fixed a case where a crash could occur when canceling receive
from Sysx window
� Resolved issue where having too many keys bound to "Do Nothing"
could cause a crash
� In some cases projects with views in the MultiDock would
intermittently crash upon opening
� In some cases a Project's tracks would get out of sync after
multiple loops
� Addressed an error that could occur when scrubbing in the
Controllers Pane
� Resolved a crash that could occur when using synth mono outs and
FX Chains
� Resolved a potential crash with very long tab names present in
� Various stability and performance improvements
Step Sequencer
� Feedback while moving rows has been improved
� Under certain conditions MIDI CC data would be lost
Loop Construction View
� Auto play slice is now ON by default
� Gain Envelope is now ON by default
� In some cases the Up One Level button would not behave
� Browser Plug-in Layout is now properly persisted
� Plug-in Layouts are no longer out of sync when switching
� Synth Rack Preset button is positioned correctly
� Synth Rack Freeze Options button is positioned correctly
� Dragging the Control Bar to the top or bottom now has UI
� Tabs now update correctly for views docked in the MulitDock
� Console in MultiDock now draws the right edge correctly after
the Browser or Inspector is re-sized
� Fixed cases where the audio metronome would get out of sync with
meter changes on count-in
� Under some conditions the audio metronome would ignore meter
� Un-muting now works for MIDI track layer while the transport is
� FX Chains now open correctly from the Track Inspector and
Console View under all conditions
� The Edit Filter for Busses can now be set by using middle mouse
button or T key
� Track Icons for busses now draw properly
� MIDI track inputs can now be assigned to soft synth MIDI output
(QuickFix 246/250)
� Driver warning dialog now has the correct instructions
� FF and REW buttons in Transport toolbar would become �stuck�
under certain conditions
� Video thumbnails now display correctly
� Typo in insert synth or rewire device dropdown in the Browser
� Revert value in Quick Groups now behaves correctly
� Tracks set to Automation Data will no longer move the Now Time
during playback
� Fixed an issue where dragging an FX chain from a surround bus to
a stereo bus would kill the audio engine
� In some cases toggling Input Echo would cause hidden Console
View modules to appear
� HUD T key was not working on some systems
� Roland GrooveSynth is now installed for Essential users
� ProChannel modules no longer unintentionally auto-enable when
reading automation snapshots or seeking in the time ruler. For more
information on ProChannel auto-enable behavior, click below.