Download key generator for Mark Leung: Revenge of the Bitch v1.3

Sincethe beginning of time, RPGs have taken themselves far too
seriously.Theyre plagued by recycled stories, stock characters and a
clich??dpseudo-medieval fantasy setting.
Its time for someone to make fun ofthese games. BIG TIME. Thats
where Mark Leung: Revenge of the Bitchcomes in: its a fully playable
parody RPG. Think of it as an RPG gonewrong.
Inspired by Christianity, double rainbows,Kim Jong Il, flaming
trolls and Final Fantasy, Revenge of the Bitchfeatures characters and
monsters that are bizarre hybrids of publicfigures and well-known
characters. Theres Jhompson, a summonablecharacter inspired by Jack
Thompson and Illidan Stormrage, and McFunny, aboss character inspired
by the Joker and Ronald McDonald. Recent eventssuch as the subprime
mortgage crisis also inspired a bank-themeddungeon and a cleric named
Brother Lehman.
Mark Leung: Revengeof the Bitch? is the first episode in a series of
parody role-playinggames that has been dubbed by one critic as Final
Fantasy meets theInternet.?
Set in the vast world of Untitled, Revenge of theBitch? combines
adventure and classic turn-based battle sequences withmonsters ranging
from adorable housecats to ruthlessly high pot-smokingpurple monsters.
The game features five playable characters and up to 30hours of
gameplay. Written, conceived and designed by Mark Leunghimself!
Revenge of the Bitch? is an independently-financed gamebuilt with
the blood, sweat, tears and other bodily fluids of a smalland slightly
insane team of developers. In addition to designing all themonsters in
the game, Mark Leung himself also provide voiceovers formost of them,
So delete some porn and free up your disk space for something way
the f*ck better!
- Reduced number of monster encounters in The Shocking Verdict, LLC
by 30%
- Reduced number of monster encounters in Downunder Forest (West) by
- Reduced the speed of monsters in field mode by 5%.
- Crash before Garverfield battle fixed
System requirements:
? Windows XP/Vista/7
? DirectX 9c
? 1.4 GHz
? 1 GB RAM