Download key generator for Stellar Drive Defrag 1.0

Stellar disk defrag is a wonderful Mac defrag software to help you
systematize the fragmented data and free space in the Mac volumes. The
software gathers the fragmented data of a file and stores together
into a single chunk of memory, which makes the data access speed
Defrags the meta-data files in a volume.
Optimizes the fragmented free spaces in a volume by clubbing them
Performs defragmentation on an entire volume and drags files to a
contiguous memory location.
Bonus Add On:
Creates Bootable DVD to defrag the boot volume of the Mac system.
Stellar Drive Defrag can help you decreasing the access time of
large files by storing the fragmented piece of the file at a single
contiguous memory location. The software also provides several other
options to optimize free space, defrag the meta data(catalog files,
allocation files, attribute files etc.) and full defragmentation of
the entire hard drive.
Below are some of the highlighting features of the drive defrag
Defrags Free Spaces: Moves all the scattered free spaces in the
volume to a single location, which enhances the storage efficiency.
Defrags Entire Volume: Performs disk defrag on individual files or
on an entire volume.
Defrags Metadata Files: Helps in defragmenting various Metadata
files in a volume.
Full Defragmentation of the Volume: Helps in carrying out full
Defragmentation of a volume at just one go.Graphical View of Hard
Drive Volumes: Under the -Layout- view, the software previews a
graphical presentation of various levels, such as Allocation,
Overflow, Catalog, Attribute, Fragmented, Data, and Unused Space.
Compatible With: This defragmetation software works well with any
Mac Os X version 10.4 and above.
Boot DVD to Defrag Boot Volume: Generates a Bootable DVD to defrag
the boot volume of the system.
Supports: Both Intel and PowerPc based Mac systems
update wizard.
Processor :Mac PowerPC (G4 & Above), Mac - Intel
Operating System : Mac Operating System 10.4 or Above
Memory : 512 MB
Hard Disk : 25 MB of Free Space