Download key generator for RockWare QuickSurf 2010 6.0

Examples of using QuickSurf
QuickSurf is a fast, powerful general purpose surface modeling
system running inside of AutoCAD 2000 - 2012. Thousands of people use
QuickSurf daily for generation and annotation of contour maps,
profiles, sections and volumetric computation. QuickSurf converts
surface mapping data such as point or break line data into contours,
grids, triangulated irregular networks (TIN), and triangulated grids.
A suite of sophisticated tools allows you to manipulate modeled
surfaces into high quality finished maps and perform a variety of
engineering computations.
QuickSurf meets the needs of a broad range of professional
disciplines such as civil, environmental, petroleum and mining
engineering, geologic mapping and exploration, surveying,
photogrammetry and topographic mapping, landscape architecture,
oceanography and surface visualization.
Import XLS (Excel) file data directly
Import QSX file
Export QSX file
Export ArcInfo grid format
Export Rockworks grid format
Export Terragen grid format
Export Zmap-plus grid format
Export Surfer ASCII grid format
Export BNA boundary file
Import BNA boundary format
Export SHP file contours
Added a contour to points command
Updated the DEM import
Changes and fixes to the QSB save and read
Fixes to the contour auto label
Improvements in the surfacing with breaklines
Menu and lisp changes
Online documentation will have new pages for all these commands
All the new commands have also been added to the interface in a lisp
callable format