Download key generator for Actual Tag Editor 1.7

ACTUAL TAG EDITOR can help you. It can considerably facilitate and
speed up your work. It will save a lot of your time which you could
spend to listen to music.
The application supports batch editing of tags and filenames. Thanks
to it you can easily and quickly edit big group of files. It is also
fit to deal with only one file. MP3 file can contain ID3v1 tag, ID3v2
tag or both. ID3v1 is outdated tag but many files contain it and some
players work only with it. ID3v2 is modern tag which is supported by
all modern players. Actual Tag Editor supports both tags and displays
the best option. But if you want, you can choose yourself with which
tag to work.
Actual Tag Editor represents MP3 filenames and their tags in a
table. You can edit them directly in the table. It supports batch
editing and placeholders. So you can select any group of fields and
change them simultaneously. Due to all this you do not need to fill in
any fields of any dialog windows you can just edit and see immediate
result. The table is a core of the program. It is powerful and you can
do a lot here.