Download key generator for i-Catcher Console 5.1.11

I-CATCHER CONSOLE will provide a complete scalable CCTV system, with
motion detection, remote web interface, alerting, simultaneous record
& playback, scheduled activity, device control, and flexible display
options, exceeding the standards you'd expect from a modern digital
CCTV system.
I-CATCHER CONSOLE uses a wide range of camera devices, including USB
webcams, capture cards (for connection to conventional analogue CCTV
cameras), and the latest network/IP video servers and cameras. Because
of its modular design, you are not limited to one type of device for
the whole system - you can mix devices as required.
i-Catcher Console also works with PTZ (Pan, Tilt & Zoom) cameras to
not only provide a remotely moveable CCTV camera, but also provides
auto-tracking - the camera can move to follow movement through a
monitored area.
Motion detection is performed without the need for PIR triggers and
external motion detectors. Once motion is detected, recording begins.
For extra security, i-Catcher can record before and after the motion
event to ensure you capture everything, and sensitivity controls add
an extra level of flexibility.
Digital image storage means that access to stored images is instant,
and allows you to playback the footage while still recording, as well
as a loop play feature, to continuously loop the most recent activity
- features traditional CCTV systems are simply unable to provide.
With digital image storage comes simple yet comprehensive systems
for image management. Archiving automatically ensures you retain the
right amount footage, image integrity checking ensures your footage
isn't tampered with, and feed management allows you to precisely
control the storage of images per camera feed.
i-Catcher Console supports I/O input and control through a variety
of interfaces, allowing almost any remote control configuration
(subject to use of controller hardware).
We have set up a web page that uses our Console with an Axis 241Q
video server to demonstrate both remote control of appliances and the
simple means to embed control of devices into your own web pages. See
our i-Catcher Console-based remote device control systems.
The flexibility and simplicity of the user interface is available
remotely, and yet requires only a web browser for use. No ActiveX
controls are needed, no software needs to be installed. The remote
interface provides a full live feed view, with digital zoom options,
control of PTZ cameras, multiple simultaneous feeds, and image quality
settings to improve performance through bandwidth reduction.
Playback is also provided with all the options of the local playback
facility, and most of Console's configuration can be adjusted through
remote administration. All of these features can be password protected
at many levels to provide a powerful security system.
� H.264 over RTSP support
� Audio Recording from H.264/RTSP sources
� Audio exported in AVI file from H.264/RTSP sources
� iDomain Events reporting system
� MotionJPEG MultiStream Support (improves MotionJPEG performance)
� Genie Sphinx Access Control Support
� Euresys U4/U8/U16 H.264 Capture Card Support
� I/O Automation Scheduler
� Aviosys PDU Support
� ActiveHome X10 Support
Added camera/device support:
� A-Linking ALC-9272
� Airlink 101 SkyIPCam 500, SkyIPCam 500W and SkyIPCam 747W
� Arecont Vision 3105DN
� Bosch VG4 Autodome 500i Series
� Cisco PVC300
� D-Link DCS-5230 and DCS-6511
� Etrovision RTSP Cameras
� Foscam FI8905W
� Genie NV120, NMP130 and NV400
� Mobotix M22 Series
� Panasonic BB-HCM735 and BL-C230
� Sharx SCNC3606
� Sony SNC-DH120
� Toshiba IK-WB16A
� Vivotek PZ7121 and IP8361