Download key generator for OmniPeek Network Analyzer 6.6

OmniPeek gives network engineers real-time visibility and Expert
Analysis into every part of the network from a single interface,
including Ethernet, Gigabit, 10 Gigabit, 802.11a/b/g/n wireless, VoIP,
and Video to remote offices. Using OmniPeek�s intuitive user
interface and "top-down" approach to visualizing network conditions,
network engineers�even junior staff�can quickly analyze, drill
down and fix performance bottlenecks across multiple network segments,
maximizing uptime and user satisfaction.
* Comprehensive network performance management and monitoring of
entire enterprise networks, including network segments at remote
* Interactive monitoring of key network statistics in real-time,
aggregating multiple files, and instantly drilling down to packets
using the "Compass" interactive dashboard
* Deep packet inspection
* Seamless management of all OmniEngine software probes and,
Omnipliance and TimeLine network recorders in the network
* Integrated support for Ethernet, Gigabit, 10 Gigabit,
802.11a/b/g/n wireless (Including 3-stream), VoIP, Video, MPLS, and
* Intuitive drill-down to understand which nodes are communicating,
which protocols and sub-protocols are being transmitted, and which
traffic characteristics are affecting network performance
* Complete voice and video over IP real-time monitoring including
high-level multimedia dashboard, call data record (CDR), and
comprehensive signaling and media analyses
* Application performance monitoring and analysis in the context of
overall network activity including the ability to monitor application
response time, round-trip network delay, server responsiveness,
database transactions per second, and myriad other low-level
* An extensible architecture that can be easily tailored to
individual network requirements