Download key generator for Prison Tycoon 2- Maximum Security

Prison Tycoon 2: Maximum Security
A life of crime is tough on both sides of the bar.
The sentence has been passed, now you must bring order in a world of
chaos. Start with a small, low security prison and build it into a
maximum-security super-max. Therea?™s no escaping under your
watchful eye because youa?™re in charge of every detail.
Are you tough enough to run the BIG HOUSE?
• YOUR WALLS. YOUR RULES. You build the walls. You place the
fences. You design the facilities. The security of our society is in
your hands. Are you ready?
• DIVERSION OR DISORDER Give your inmates a place to blow off some
steam or pay the consequences. Add rec areas, gyms, libraries,
hospitals and industries to keep your prisoners from becoming
depressed and violent.
• BIG NAMES, BIG PROBLEMS. Celebrity crooks are fun to read about
in the tabloids, but not when theya?™re in your prison. Manage rabid
fans and the expense of keeping your stars isolated from the other
• CAN YOU TRUST YOUR GUARDS? Provide your staff with training, and
make sure you pay them well or risk having them get paid from both
sides of the prison walls.
• WHERE THEREa?™S SMOKE THEREa?™S FIRE. Arm your guards with
helmets, weapons and riot shields, but if things get out of hand,
ita?™s up to you to keep all volatile situations under control.
• Find out if youa?™re the big boss or a big bust as you grow
and control your prison compound.
• Create the walls and construct the cellblocks, building prisons
in 3 real prison locations: Angola, LA, Leavenworth, KS and
Steilacoom, WA.
• Will you rule with an iron fist or exercise restraint? Ita?™s
your prison, you be the judge.
• Arm your guards with weapons, riot shields and NEW guard dogs to
maintain the control.
• Influence prisoner morale by creating prison industries
including NEW chain gangs and farming. Just remember, new jobs mean
new opportunities for escape.
• From the guards to the cooks, expand your staff to maximize
budgets and grow your prison.
To start just mount the .iso and follow instructions!
enjoy! and don't forget to seed!
_By_ SpawN