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* Wind optimized routing
* Vector-based graphics
* Point and click routing
* Low and high altitude airway chart depictions
* Graphical TFRs
* Uploading routes into GPS units
* Auto-routing around airspace, terrain and user-defined boundaries
* Printable flight plans, forms and charts
your flight plans to GP S systems. In addition, FliteStar IFR is fully
compatible with JeppView, Jeppesen�s electronic chart software
including the ability to display Jeppesen approach plates.
FliteStar Corporate
Same features as FliteStar IFR including these added features:
* Advanced aircraft modeling
Other Advantages:
VectorPlus Technology
Gain added control and customization with FliteStar�s unique
ability to display chart �themes,� including Jeppesen enroute low
and high altitude, VFR, and high contrast charts. You can also save
customized charts as �favorites.�
Graphical TFRs
Keep current on these important airspace restrictions that can
affect your planning decisions. Added details, including the actual
TFR NOTAMs, are just a click away.
Profile View
Determine the best altitude for your route of flight by accessing
terrain profile views, adjustable altitude profiles, interactive
airspace depictions, cloud bases, MEAs and wind component arrows.
Multi-Route Capability
Simplify multi-route planning with simultaneous displays on-screen
and in your RoutePack list.
Split-Screen Viewing
Enhance your perspective and control with this unique capability
that allows you to see chart details and the entire route�at the
same time.
Weather Overlay
Stay abreast of weather trends and developments that can affect your
Minimum System Requirements
* Computer & Processor: 450 MHz processor or faster
* Memory: 512 MB
* Hard Disk Space: 400 GB
* Operating System: Windows 98SE, ME, NT 2000, or XP
* Display: SVGA 800 x 600 resolution or higher
System requirements: Vista Xp