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IMAGIC INVENTORY SOFTWARE is the most cost effective and flexible
inventory control and invoicing software system available for Windows.
With perfect reviews from independent reviewers Tucows, UK Wares,
Brother Soft, Sofotex and File Transit. iMagic Inventory is your
inventory solution that will help you to stay one step ahead of the
Creating invoices in iMagic Inventory is incredibly easy. Just click
the New Invoice button on the toolbar and you're away! You can easily
search for existing customers or quickly enter new customer details.
Stock levels are automatically updated as you add items to the
invoice, allowing you to always know what is in stock.
iMagic Inventory Software comes included with a number of
pre-defined invoice templates that you can use. You can easily add
your logo and contact details to get up and running straight away. For
more control you can use MS Word to create your own custom designed
invoice templates.
Keeping track of customer details is important. Not only does it
allow you to build up a database for Marketing and Sales in the future
but it also saves you the hassle of re-entering customer details for
repeat visits. iMagic Inventory helps you to do this by automatically
saving customer details as you enter invoices. You can also import
existing customer details from other systems and export out to other
applications such as accounting or email systems. Perfect for E-Mail
or Postal Marketing!
Track your inventory items with ease. iMagic Inventory allows you to
keep a list of all your inventory items and record details about them,
including item codes, total stock, warehouse and bin locations,
barcodes, category and sub-category, multiple pricing (such as retail,
wholesale, specials, etc) and many other options are available. If you
need to record information for an inventory item that isn't covered
then you can add custom fields.
Full barcode support saves you time and hassle. Simply attach a
barcode reader to your PC and it will fully integrate into the
software. Saving time and reducing errors by scanning stock.
iMagic Inventory is so easy to use, you wont even need the manual.
No cryptic buttons or options, iMagic Inventory lets you see your
inventory while you manage it. Use our easy to use interface to enter
stock details and your stock will be managed before your eyes.