Download key generator for Synth Magic Sounds Of The Quadra

Immerse yourself in the fantastic sounds of this legendary 1978
This instrument has an intuitive user interface based on a real
Quadras front panel. Once loaded into your Kontakt sampler, the
thousands of lines of custom programming code developed at Synth Magic
creates a virtual Quadra synth experience with all the functions and
classic analogue tones of a real Quadra.
The graphical user interface recreates the front panel of a real
Quadra and is just one more attention to detail that enables you to
experience this beautiful vintage synthesiser without the need to own
the real machine.
All sliders and envelopes have been calibrated and timed to behave
like a real Quadra and there are lots of great extra features that
really bring the Quadra synthesiser into the modern studio
Each section of the Quadra has been sampled chromatically using high
quality converters for a true authentic sound. There are seperate
effects sections for each synth section and an analogue style
sequencer based ARPs 1970s sequencer is included.