Download key generator for EMCO Network Inventory Enterprise

sizes. It offers features for remote audit of every PC in your network
without having to install client modules. By using EMCO Network
Inventory you can get detailed hardware, software inventory and
licensing information from all remote PCs within seconds. Powerful
reporting module helps you save a lot of time for preparing network PC
inventory and network audit reports.
How much time do you spend on network inventory? How accurate and
detailed your audit information is? Do you know what is your actual
configuration now? EMCO Network Inventory is network audit software
created to provide you by actual hardware and software audit
information with no efforts from your side.
How this network audit solution can be helpful for you? First of
all, it is able to make remote audit in automatic mode and collect
information about hardware and software assets from remote computers
in a few moments. It means that you always have up-to-date network
inventory database with all assets, their settings and specification.
This database can be used to generate audit reports and answer
questions like:
Which desktops lack free space on their hard drives?
Which have Windows XP and have less than 1 Gb RAM?
How many additional software licenses are required?