Download key generator for RenameMaestro 5.4.0

So How Can It Help You? RenameMaestro..
Renames Using Photo And Mp3 Tags, Numbers, Dates, Letters
Gives A Constant Instant Preview For Simplicity
Builds Complex Renaming Actions Easily Step By Step
Works On Windows 2000 & ALL Later Versions (32 / 64 Bit)
Has An Undo Button That Protects Your Files
Saves You Time - It Renames 1 Million Files Swiftly
Uses Increasing & Decreasing Numbers, Dates, And Even Letters!
Can Use Information Tags From Any File When Renaming
Renames File Names, Extensions And Folders
Has A Powerful But Simple Find And Replace Option
Corrects File Dates - Created, Modified, Last Accessed..
Creates Numbered Files Quickly With The Easy Rename Option
Imports And Reuses Saved Instructions Again And Again
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