Download key generator for Dameware Mini Remote Control v7.5 6.1

The DameWare Mini Remote Control program also uses the Operating
built-in security, and currently offers several different options
Encryption as well as four different authentication methods, three
of which
are integrated within the Operating System itself (NT
Encrypted Windows Logon, and Smart Card). The Mini Remote Client
Agent can
also be run as an Application, or installed as a Service (default)
Additional features include: Simple File Transfer, Proxy, IP-Filter
Permission Required, Shared Sessions, Multiple Monitors, Mirror
Driver, RDP
connection, Audit Log, Smart Sizing (scale to fit), Full-Screen
mode, View
Only mode, Keyboard & Mouse control, Remote Clipboard, Performance
Inactivity control, Remote Service Installation, Quick User
Switching, Ping
a Network Browser (Active Directory, Microsoft Windows Network, or
the SAM)
and much more