Download key generator for Camnetics GearTeq 2011.19.32.331

GEARTEQ� provides the designer with advanced tools for creating
solid models of drive components and assemblies. GearTeq� is a new
program that offers advanced features. Work with multiple parts and
assemblies and more...GearTeq is a add-on for SolidWorks and AutoDesk
* Work on Multiple types of components in the same assembly
* See any changes to the geometry instantly on the display window
* Multiple gears created as a single SolidWorks part
* Internal splines can be used as a bore on all components
* Modifying CAD parts created by GearTeq is very easy
* Automatically create assemblies in SolidWorks with proper mating
* Ten standard planetary gear systems are available with a few
* High ratio cycloid set (a single eccentrically mounted planet and
a fixed internal gear)
* On screen animations to help you visualize the working gears
* Warnings when GearTeq detects something in your design that may
not be proper
* 3D wire frame with some surface shading
* Create XY outputs of the involute points in Excel and text files
* Create data sheets using Excel or text files
* A description of each parameter is in the lower section of the
property grid
* Involute profile modification using linear or parabolic deviation
for spur and helical gears
* Automatic balance of addendum modification for spur and helical
* Create additional tooth profiles that take into consideration the
shrinkage of molded plastic gear teeth
* Deviation chart for DIN splines, hub space width/shaft tooth
thickness fit
* An easy to use sizing for standard spur gears
* Programmed on a platform that will allow greater enhancements in
the future
This release is compiled for x32 operating systems (it will run fine
on your new x64 machine) but it will be available as an x64 program at
a later date. To start GearTeq use the Window> Start All Programs's
menu.The first time you start GearTeq, go to Help>GearTeq Quick Start
Guide to view a PDF for concise instructions on getting started.While
GearTeq as no intention of replacing your CAD system it does want to
provide some of the functionality you have become accustomed to. With
CAD like features, you can view components with drag, rotate and
multiple zooms options. You can also drive the components for
immediate animation!