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Patran is the world’s most widely used pre/post-processing
software for Finite Element Analysis (FEA), providing solid modeling,
meshing, and analysis setup for MSC Nastran, Marc, Abaqus, LS-DYNA,
ANSYS, and Pam-Crash.
Designers, engineers, and CAE analysts tasked with creating and
analyzing virtual prototypes are faced with a number of tedious,
time-wasting tasks. These include CAD geometry translation, geometry
cleanup, manual meshing processes, assembly connection definition, and
editing of input decks to setup jobs for analysis by various solvers.
Pre-processing is still widely considered the most time consuming
aspect of CAE, consuming up to 60% of users’ time. Assembling
results into reports that can be shared with colleagues and managers
is also still a very labor intensive, tedious activity.
Patran provides a rich set of tools that streamline the creation of
analysis ready models for linear, nonlinear, explicit dynamics,
thermal, and other finite element solvers. From geometry cleanup tools
that make it easy for engineers to deal with gaps and slivers in CAD,
to solid modeling tools that enable creation of models from scratch,
Patran makes it easy for anyone to create FE models. Meshes are easily
created on surfaces and solids alike using fully automated meshing
routines (including hex meshing), manual methods that provide more
control, or combinations of both. Finally, loads, boundary conditions,
and analysis setup for most popular FE solvers is built in, minimizing
the need to edit input decks. Patran’s comprehensive and industry
tested capabilities ensure that your virtual prototyping efforts
provide results fast so that you can evaluate product performance
against requirements and optimize your designs.
* Geometry creation tools for efficient FE modeling
* CAD cleanup tools eliminate manual effort
* FE solver support to reduce input deck editing
* Post-processing and reporting tools for easy results evaluation
* Scripting for pre/post processing automation
Rotor Dynamics, Explicit, Structural, Thermal, Multiphysics,
Multidiscipline, Noise & Vibration, Nonlinear, Composites, Design
Improvement & Optimization, Process Automation, Fluid-Structure