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Its uniquely inspiring new library features 800 patches and over
2,500 samples in 1.2 Gb of brand new material sourced entirely from
pro vocal performances. Male and female MCs, sweet R+B, gospel
singers, dance and pop vocals all recorded with accompanying
There are even a few wild cards such as Choral, Gothic and even
Opera styles. Plus there is a vocal Toolbox loaded with single vocal
lines, scratches, effected vocals, grunts & breaths, human beatbox &
percussion grooves and fake TV and radio clips. The whole library is
presented within NI's stunning state-of-the-art Intakt interface which
will soon have you customizing, shaping and manipulating the vocal
lines to suit your own requirements. The awesome flexibility of the
custom high-performance interface allows you to automatically sync any
of these vocal lines to your song's tempo, and you can apply a vast
amount of sound-shaping to each vocal as well!.
Intakt's Time Machine Mode allows the user to change the tempo of
the vocal lines without any audible degredation so you can sync any of
these performancces to your song. You may also change the pitch of the
samples independently of tempo. Using Intakt's 'Legato Mode' you can
also sync vocal harmonies together or bring in vocal harmony lines
whenever you like in a mix to create your own melodies from the
original samples making this the ultimate tool for DIY vocals.
You will find that the clean and intuitive INTAKT INSTRUMENT
interface doesn't let technology get in the way of your creativity!
All important instrument parameters can be immediately adjusted
without the need to page, scroll, or fumble through a manual.
Supported Interfaces:
- VST- 2.0, DXi, ASIO, Audio Units, Core Audio, RTAS, Mac & PC