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Turnado is your new multi-effect tool crafted especially for massive
and real-time audio manipulation, providing countless truly unique
effects, creating sounds unheard of every time you turn it on. Turnado
is both: hands-on stage performance boost and serious tool for studio
perfectionism, giving you direct control of up to 8 different effects
at any given time, with a total of 24 effects available.
The idea is simple:
Turn a knob and the effect is on.
Turn the knob further to adjust effect parameters and apply
Turn the knob down and the effect is off.
With its instantaneous, one-knob, multi-parameter modulation
features, Turnado will lay waste to the audio landscape. Giving you
the power to crunch, chop, twist, mash and elevate your music to new
levels, Turnado will have you creating wicked new sounds that will
blow any crowd away.
Unlocking the power of your MIDI controller each effect requires
only one knob to control it. Underneath this simplicity lies a matrix
of effect parameters and modulation engines, all controlled by the
main knob. This control matrix provides serious depth to the plugin
and gives you the ability to create original and truly unique effect
If the power of one-knob action still doesn�t rock your boat, the
awesome "Dictator" mode will sink your battleship. It allows you to
animate all the main knobs and run that animation with just one fader.
That�s one fader, controlling up to 8 different effects, with
potentially hundreds of parameter changes!
Turnado�s primary focus is on beat manipulation, so you will find
lots of loopers, slicers and grain tools in the rack. Alongside these
beat-mashing effects are an arsenal of distortions and filters as well
as first-class delays and reverbs. With extensive modulation
possibilities each effect can produce millions of unbelievable
variations that can be morphed and twisted into something new every
time you tweak those knobs.
Turnado will inspire you again and again, delivering completely new
variations of your original sounds and grooves every time, so what are
you waiting for�turn it on.