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AutoCAD � Map 3D - software for infrastructure planning:
- Systems of geographic coordinates - Using the real coordinate
system allows more accurate design data to georeference.
- Direct access to data - Provides direct access to geospatial data
from multiple sources including ESRI � SHP, Oracle � and ESRI �
ArcSDE �.
- Data Exchange - The operations of read, write and convert data
from / to various formats of CAD and GIS.
- Editing of geospatial data by means of CAD - Data can be edited
usual commands AutoCAD.
- Clouds of points - Import and visualization of large sets of data,
including 3D laser scanning data and LiDAR.
- Analysis Tools - Supports the creation of thematic maps, analysis,
buffering, finding the optimal path and the analysis of overlaps.
AutoCAD � Map 3D provides users with access to data needed for
infrastructure planning, design and operation of facilities. Op helps
professionals to develop projects of transportation networks,
electrical networks, land and water, combined with available
inventory, utilities, topographic, environmental, and graphics
obtained by laser scan information. Due to this better visualized and
assessed the existing conditions, make the right decisions on the
basis of calculation sites, networks and corridors, improved exchange
of information in the formats of CAD and GIS with administrative
authorities, utilities and construction contractors.
Key features:
The basis - the platform AutoCAD 2012
AutoCAD Map 3D 2012 contains all the functionality of CAD AutoCAD
� 2012, which means that you are working in a proven and reliable
environment, which is considered the de facto standard with the
release of project documentation in all industries.
Formats that can be imported into AutoCAD Map 3D, shown in the
dialog box, import functions. AutoCAD Map 3D can interact with all
popular CAD and GIS. You can read, save and convert the data into
standard formats:
- Coatings Arc / Info �
- SHP and E00 from ESRI
- MapInfo � MIF / MID �
- MapInfo � TAB
- MicroStation � DGN
- Generalized Markup Language
- Ordnance Survey MasterMap (DNF) (GML2, read-only)
- Oracle �
- Vector Product Format (VPF, read only)
- LandXML
- Spatial Data Transfer Standard (SDTS, read only)
Obtained from other programs can be saved in DWG-file, convert and
write to another file, or transfer to the base map data.
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