Download key generator for Sybase PowerDesigner 16 Beta 1

* Increased productivity through collaborative business and IT
* Open support various heterogeneous environments
* Flexible settings to support different standards and set up
communication with the external environment.
* Promotes the creation of an enterprise architecture model due to
the possibility of documenting
* Improves business agility through the availability of technologies
Link & Sync and analysis of the relationship (impact analysis)
Key features of PowerDesigner
PowerDesigner supports the following modeling techniques
* Data Modeling: Conceptual, logical and physical data models, and
an extension to design a data warehouse based on the IE (Information
Engineering) methodology or notation IDEF 1 / x.
* Modeling applications: All UML diagrams and managing the
implementation of persistent objects through enhanced ability to
describe the OR-mapping (Object / Relational mapping). Modeling
techniques with the use of XML and the relationship of such models
with UML and data models.
* Business Process Modeling: Diagrams describing business processes,
intuitive, non-technical users, the simulation language performance of
business processes with support for BPEL4WS notations and ebXML.
* Modeling of Enterprise Architecture: Enterprise Architecture
Modeling - from business objectives to implementation, using unique
technology, Connectivity and synchronization (Link and Synch). This
gets rid of extra information and ensure transparency in the
description, which increases business competitiveness by increasing
the speed of response to changes in the economy, technology and
PowerDesigner models are fully integrated: using unique technology
to connect and sync (Link and Synch), PowerDesigner integrates
metadata among all types of models.
Each user has its own modeling technique. Those who have been
working on modeling and analysis of data, as well as architects and
developers can focus on metadata management with a focus on
technology. IT-managers and non-technical personnel will be useful for
engineering-oriented business modeling. At the same time all
integrated in a common and easy to use environment.
Repository PowerDesigner - a complete repository of information
detailed in the chosen database. Repository is scalable and has a
friendly interface for users working remotely. Provides the following:
role-based access to the models and submodels, version control,
configuration management, integration models, reports on the changes
between models and versions, full-text search across the repository.
Open support for all major platforms: more than 60 databases, the
leading platform for developing applications such as Java J2EE,
Microsoft. NET, Web Services and PowerBuilder, and process execution
languages ??such as ebXML and BPEL4WS.
Customizable: PowerDesigner offers a full scripting support MDA,
profiles, UML, automation of routine tasks by supporting scripting
languages ??and fully customizable generation of DDL and code through
the use of templates and the presence of a code generator that
supports scripting.