Download key generator for Windows Embedded Standard 7 SP1

Existing activators can not activate Windows Embedded Standard 7 in
its original form: a system of licensing WES 7 provides a constant
activation using only OEM keys, but it seems to WES 7 keys are not
"flowed." Without the same or with the public trial-key on the 90, 180
and 365 days to bypass the activation WES 7 can be reset to produce
(rearm) activation counter - in principle, there is a well-known way
to set an infinite number of discharges.
However, the method of dumping is not always convenient - for
example, if you decide to install WES 7 on your computer friend or
acquaintance. In this case, there is a makeshift, but effective way to
permanent activation WES 7 ("cheap and cheerful"). It is based on
replacing the file system of licensing WES 7, responsible for
generating the keys for any of the ordinary any version of Windows 7.
In WES 7 run slmgr.vbs / upk.
Copy the file pkeyconfig.xrm-ms from the folder Windows System32 spp
tokens pkeyconfig normal version of Windows 7. Note: pkeyconfig.xrm-ms
file can be taken in the folder sources Windows distribution 7.
In WES 7 stop the service sppsvc ("Software Protection"), copy the
file pkeyconfig.xrm-ms in the same folder, then delete the old file
pkeyconfig-embedded.xrm-ms re-copied and calling the same name
(plus-embedded .)
Remove all the contents of the folder Windows ServiceProfiles
NetworkService AppData Roaming Microsoft SoftwareProtectionPlatform .
Start the service sppsvc, try running slmgr.vbs / rilc and slmgr.vbs
/ rearm. Restart the computer.
Start Napalum Windows 7 Loader Extreme Edition 3.503, select
Advanced (Advanced) mode. Select the manufacturer (for example, ASUS),
install the emulator SLIC (if it is not in your BIOS), then install
the OEM: SLP product key for the version from which you copied
pkeyconfig.xrm-ms, and finally install the certificate corresponding
to the selected manufacturer . Restart the computer.