Download key generator for Adobe Acrobat X 10.1.0

Joint work in reviewing the documents to which granted total access.
Create interactive forms and rapid collection of data. Protect and
control sensitive information. Advanced features Acrobat software for
users of Adobe Reader .
PDF Portfolios. Combine a wide range of file types into a polished,
organized PDF Portfolio. Apply professionally designed layouts, visual
themes, and color palettes. Easily add corporate logos and colors to
reflect your branding.
Action Wizard. Automate routine, multistep tasks into a guided
Action. Create, manage, execute, and share a sequence of frequently
used steps that can be applied to a single PDF or batches of files.
Interactive PDF forms. Easily convert existing forms to fillable PDF
forms with intelligent form field recognition, or design them yourself
using included templates. Collect data quickly and export to
spreadsheets for analysis. Track and manage responses.
Streamlined document reviews. Provide team members with a complete
set of comment and markup tools, so all can participate in shared
document reviews using Adobe Reader X or Reader 9 software. See and
build on each other's comments. Track progress and participation.
Working with Office 2010. Create PDF files with a single click from
within Microsoft Office 2010 applications, including Word, Excel,
PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, and Access, as well as from
specialized applications such as Microsoft Project and Visio.
Improved scanning results. Search and reuse document content. Scan
and convert paper documents and forms to PDF. Enjoy improved optical
character recognition (OCR), up to 50% smaller file sizes, greater
image fidelity, and automatic color detection.
Customizing PDF Portfolios. Quickly assemble content into PDF
Portfolios using the new PDF Portfolio Wizard. Customize using new
layouts, visual themes, and color palettes. Import custom PDF
Portfolio layouts and themes developed by third-party developers and
Action Wizard. Automate routine, multistep tasks into a guided
Action. Create, manage, execute, and share a sequence of frequently
used steps that can be applied to a single PDF or batches of files.
Quick Tools. Quickly access the tools you use most - from your
favorite PDF document editing tools to your most-often used comment
and markup tools - by adding them to the Quick Tools area.
Integration with Microsoft SharePoint. Work seamlessly with PDF
files in Microsoft SharePoint. Access SharePoint from any Acrobat Open
or Save dialog box. Open PDF files from SharePoint for viewing. Check
them out for editing, and then check them back in (Windows only).
Commenting tool pane. Access markup tools and view comments from a
single, unified tool pane. View all comments in a searchable list that
can be filtered and sorted by page, author, and date.
Optimized viewing mode. Maximize your screen for optimal reading and
presentation of PDF files with the new Reading Mode. Menus and panels
disappear, and a transparent floating toolbar appears, to help you
navigate PDF files more easily.
Integrated update, the original version 9.0 into version 9.4.5.
Optimization of the distribution, so that the size of its updated
version and installation time significantly reduced.
From the source distribution, containing English, Turkish, Russian,
Ukrainian and Romanian removed all languages �€‹�€‹except
English and Russian.
From the installer was uprooted Romanian plant. Provided by choosing
your language: English or Russian.
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Operating system: Windows ® 2000/XP/Vista/7
Language: Russian - English
Released: 2011
Size: 689.9 MB - 619.59 MB
Medicine: Integrated