Download key generator for COMSOL Multiphysics 4.2

As a major supplier of automobile components, Metelli S.p.A.
(Cologne, Italy) designs and manufactures brake parts, engine parts,
transmission components and water pumps for OEMs as well as for the
Our R the mechanism is then disengaged through a coil. This project
had produced some prototypes designed using a 2D FEM tool. However, we
felt the need for a 3D FEM tool both to check the correctness of the
simplifications introduced in the 2D model and to be able to manage
complex 3D geometries. We chose COMSOL with the AC/DC Module due to
good agreement between the model and experiment, which meant that no
changes were required to start manufacture of the clutch
pre-production samples. We subsequently used COMSOL to examine how the
magnetic field flux flows through the steel parts because if this is
insuffcient, there is no separation between the parts, and the clutch
won�t work.