Download key generator for Basic4Android 1.5

BASIC4ANDROID is a simple yet powerful development environment that
targets Android devices. Basic4android language is similar to Visual
Basic language with additional support for objects. Basic4android
compiled applications are native Android applications, there are no
extra runtimes or dependencies. Unlike other IDEs Basic4android is
100% focused on Android development. Basic4android includes a powerful
GUI designer with built-in support for multiple screens and
orientations. No XML writing is required.
You can develop and debug with the Android emulator or with a real
device (USB connected or over the local network).
Basic4android has a rich set of libraries that make it easy to
develop advanced applications.
This includes: SQL databases, GPS, Serial ports (Bluetooth), Camera,
XML parsing, Web services (HTTP),
Services (background tasks), JSON, Animations, Network (TCP and
UDP), Text To Speech (TTS), Voice Recognition, WebView, AdMob (ads),
Charts, OpenGL, Graphics and more.
Android 1.6 and above are supported (including tablets like Motorola