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Founded in 2002, the company Red Giant Software is a developer of
software for creating quality film and edit all the footage, including
photos. Red Giant Software extends the functionality of popular
applications, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere
Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, Apple Motion and Avid.A wide range of visual
effects, implemented in the program Red Giant, helps simulate a
realistic virtual environment to simulate rain, water, fire and other
surfaces to create keyframes. Red Giant effects used in the film
"Angels and Demons," "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," "The Mummy
3" and other paintings, as well as film studios and TV channels: NBC
Universal, Food Network, ESPN, Disney, CNN, Comedy Central, MTV and
TNT. The annual number of users of Red Giant increases due to the
powerful functionality of the software solutions company. Red Giant
Company cooperates with SONY, Panasonic, Avid, Adobe, Autodesk and
Magic Bullet Colorista II
Magic Bullet Denoiser 1.0
Magic Bullet Frames 1.1
Magic Bullet Instant HD 1.2
Magic Bullet Looks 1.4
Magic Bullet Mojo 1.2
Magic Bullet PhotoLooks 1.5
Red Giant - Keying Suite 10, which includes:
Key Correct 1.2
Primatte Keyer 4.1
Warp 1.1
Red Giant - Trapcode Suite 10, which includes:
Trapcode 3D Stroke 2.6
Trapcode Echospace 1.1
Trapcode Form 1.1
Trapcode Horizon 1.1
Trapcode Lux 1.1
Trapcode Particular 2.1
Trapcode Shine 1.6
Trapcode Sound Keys 1.2
Trapcode Starglow 1.6
Red Giant - Effects Suite 10, which includes:
Holomatrix 1.2
Image Lounge 1.4.5
Knoll Light Factory 2.7
Knoll Light Factory for Photoshop 3.2
PlaneSpace 1.4
Psunami 1.4
Text Anarchy 2.4
ToonIt 2.1
Warp 1.1
+ Red Giant - Composite Wizard 1.4.5
Tool for creating composite images in After Effects. Composite
Wizard includes more than 20 filters to correct the jagged edges,
fuzzy masks, or unbalanced color schemes.
? Composite Color Matcher. A few mouse movements you can customize
the colors of the clip to the line with the composite environment by
blending its tonal areas.
? Deluxe Edge Finder. With this filter, you can create a precise
line on the alpha channel, which at one time is a control layer that
allows you to control the values โ€‹โ€‹of the color balance,
sharpness, and transparency of the edges of the compound.
? Denoiser. Applies a function of averaging pixels to reduce noise
video and film material.
? Edge Blur. Corrects jagged edges and creates a schedule that
causes an animation and text to a more realistic view.
? Light Wrap. Creates the illusion of light reflection background to
the foreground as if they were photographed under identical
? Matte Feather. Creates a gradual transition from opacity to
transparency on the edge of the layer alpha channel. Used to correct
the jagged edges and softening hard to make the objects of the natural
? Matte Feather Sharp. Used to smooth the boundaries of layers
containing hard geometric and compound lines without losing any
geometric shape.
? Miracle Alpha Cleaner. Removes artifacts and contamination of the
alpha channel.
? Re-Matter. Brings together many masks in one.
? Smooth Screen. Apply a smoothing effect on the blue or green
screen to reduce lighting and surface roughness.
? Spill Killer. It is used to eliminate unwanted Prokeivanie, which
usually occurs with fine detail or motion blur.
? Super Blur. Ensures the quality of Gaussian blur filter, but is 5
times faster.
? Super Compound Blur. Allows you to create a separate control layer
? Super Rack Focus. Creates a realistic effect of depth of field.
? Wire / Rig Zapper. Removes unwanted objects by cloning the pixels
from the surrounding areas.
? Zone HLS. Returns the color of the image at the desired level.
tool is added CS55Tool to install plugins / presets for Adobe CS5.5.
Year / Date of Release: 2011
Version: 10.0
Bit depth: 32bit +64 bit
Compatibility with Vista: complete
Compatible with Windows 7: complete
Language: English