Download key generator for RhinoGold 3.0 RS1 with Rhinoceros 4.0

Career specialized software with a complete set of advanced and
innovative instruments for the designers involved in the design and
manufacture of jewelry.
RhinoGold - a professional solution for a gold / silversmiths
professionals, which is based on the functionality of Rhino, with an
addition to the jewelry industry, as well as a complete set of tools
to improve productivity and automate repetitive tasks. Developers
RhinoGold, in close collaboration with industry experts the jewelry
industry, looking to develop this product, adding new and improved
General improves:
Fleximetrical Technology:
This new technology allows creating parametrical objects to be
edited without the complexity of the standard linear parametric tree
of parametrical software.
It is a window located, by default, on the right. It has three
sections: Explorer, Materials, and Library.
Explorer: appears a list of parametrical objects we have on our
Materials: Materials List for Real-Time rendering.
Library: shows our designs.
User Folder: independent configuration for each user.
64bits: Fully functional in 64bits.
Corporative Networks: works in corporative networks and with users
without administrator rights.
Microsoft(R) Windows(R) Vista 32- 64-, Microsoft(R) Windows(R) 7 32-
Intel(R) CoreT2 Duo AMD AthlonT X2 CPU
With this player you can also watch field sequential DVD Video
movies in 3D on your GeForce 3D Vision system. Here is what is new and
updated in the latest version 1.5.5a:
- Added support for Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D W1 multi-stream AVI
- Added decoder selection for MJPEG format.
- Changed quality statistics dialog.
- No audio renderer is enforced in the preferred filters list.
- Fixed relative paths in playlists.
- Fixed layout detection from file suffix in playlists.
Minimum system requirements
- Windows Vista, XP, 98, 2000, 2003, Millennium, or Windows NT 4.0
- MS Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher
- 200 MHz Intel Pentium
- 32 MB RAM,
- 30 MB free hard disk space plus space for user profiles
(additional space required for Windows swap-file)
- VGA video card.
System Requirements
IBM or compatible Pentium/AMD processor (900 MHz or greater), 512 MB
RAM or greater. 1024 x 768, 16-bit display (32-bit recommended)
Windows 2000 SP (Service Pack) 4+
Windows XP SP2+ x32 and x64 Editions
Windows Vista all SP x32 and x64 Editions
Windows 7 x32 and x64 Editions
Language English