Download key generator for RamSeries Professional 11.0.5

Applications Metal bar-structures calculations Reinforced concrete
structures calculations Isotropic or orthotropic plates and shells
calculations Pre-dimensioning and verification of reinforced concrete
based on the EHE regulations Bars-plates coupling analysis
Three-dimensional solid elements analyses Plane stress and strain
analyses Characteristics Bars, triangular and tetrahedral elements
Different local axes definition techniques Conjugate Gradients Method
with sparse storage. It is possible to analyze up to one million
degrees of freedom on one PC. Simple hypotheses and combined
hypotheses of loads with increment coeficients. Available for WINDOWS,
LINUX and UNIX operating systems Advantages High quality in-space
structure analyses using the Finite Element Method together with
automatic bars and plates. High quality processing potential and mesh
generation for complex models. Easy data inserting and quick process
learning Usage of triangles and tetrahedrons for totally automated
mesh generation High optimization of the Solver allowing to process
large amount of calculated data using a desktop computer (up to 1
million grades of freedom with less then 500 MB of RAM). An armature
dimension by the EHE Standards with detailed information about all the