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Some features: - Support for most models of tuners - The possibility
of parallel operation with multiple tuners - Simultaneous recording of
multiple channels Lite! Fast! Smart! Amazing TVCenter 4/6 Software
with Fast and Easy Setup and a great new Look and Feel. The included
new DistanTV mobile feature let�s you stream live TV and TV
recordings from your PC to an iPhone, iPad or Mac. Try DistanTV mobile
days. The unlimited version of DistanTV mobile is just $ 9.99. Please
find all details below. More than just TV � Manage your TV PCTV TV
Center is equipped with a powerful PVR functionality. You can watch
your favorite TV stations, timeshift, schedule recordings and much
more � . Save space using an existing PC PCTV TV products bring TV
to your computer. You can easily enable your PC / Laptop with a full
featured TV functionality. Watch your favorite TV shows while
traveling Use your laptop to install your PCTV product and watch TV at
your favorite location. You can also record TV shows and watch them
later while traveling using your laptop or a media playback device.
Your personal IPTV: DistanTV mobile You can also stream your PCTV
programmes from your home via the Internet to your iPhone or iPad
while sitting in a Cafe or hotel room anywhere in the world. You can
control and watch all channels of your PCTV tuner in high picture