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BLUFFTITLER DX9 - a program to create a beautiful text effect with
DVD - authoring, as well as three-dimensional animation. The result
can be viewed in real time with the export picture, video format, VJ
and websites. Animations are built out of layers that can be separated
independently. BluffTitler supports many different types of layers: a
camera, light, text, Kartika, video, plasma, particle and audio etc.
Layers can be linked together to create special effects. The program
is closely integrated with packages such as: Pinnacle Studio, Sony
Vegas, Ulead VideoStudio, MAGIX Video, Canopus Edius and Adobe
-golden beveled titles
-blood dripping titles
-JPG textured titles
-MPG textured titles
-slimy titles
-hairy titles
-exploding titles
-reflection mapped titles
-twisted titles
-cartoon shaded titles
-golden glowing titles
-spooky lightened titles
-titles with silver spikes
-jumbling titles
-inverted titles
-bouncing titles
-powerfield emitting titles
-titles with flying hearts
-pumping titles
-plasma backgrounds
-background videos morphing into donuts
-particle effects
-MP3 audio
-morphing JPG pictures
-exploding video backgrounds
-fractal backgrounds
pdated translations: Russian, Spanish, Polish, Farsi, Danish,
Finnish, Italian, Urdu, Ewe, Bahasa Indonesia, French, Norwegian,
Korean and Galego
Shader antialiasing
Select a layer by double clicking on it
Moving a layer by dragging it is now relative to the camera
Possibility to attach a light layer to a camera layer
Minimum resolution has been reduced to 16 x 16 pixels
New text layer effects: XY-Slices, Z-Slices, Straight Slices, Round
Slices, Vertically Revolved, Tubular Square, Light Discs, Light Bulbs,
Extended Outlines and Ornaments
New text layer properties: Slices Position and Slices Rotation
New particle layer effects: 3D Cubes and 3D Blocks
Optimized and improved particle rendering
New model layer property: Submodel
Motion blur
Bugfix: model layer now uses the normals as stored in the .x file
Bugfix: dropdown menu is no longer rendered in disabled style after
displaying a dialog
Bugfix: FX properties are now visible in picture layers using the
Fullscreen and Skybox effects
Bugfix: memory leak fixed when using flashes of lightning with
Bugfix: ghost shadow on far clipping plane removed