Download key generator for SmartSleep 3.10

a?? sleep machine will go to sleep only (saves state in RAM only,
battery keeps RAM contents)
a?? hibernate only machine will go to hibernate only. (saves state
on disk, battery will not be used)
a?? sleep & hibernate machine sleeps and hibernates. (default)
Just sleep means that the notebook will go to sleep fast, but you
lose the ability to change the battery as the battery is needed to
keep the contents of the memory (RAM).
Just sleep and hibernate will wake the computer fast, but sleeping
will take ages as the contents of the memory are saved to disk before
entering the sleep.
Version 3.10:
Fixed bug in insomnia mode with screen waking when display is asleep
and no screensaver runs.
Added a default to start insomnia on launch. Set it with defaults
write de.jinx.SmartSleep enableinsomniaonlaunch YES
Removed large versions of daemon icons to reduce the size of the