Download key generator for Mentor Graphics PADS 9.3

About Mentor Graphics:
Mentor Graphics� is a leader in electronic design automation. We
enable companies to develop better electronic products faster and more
cost-effectively. Our innovative products and solutions help engineers
conquer design challenges in the increasingly complex worlds of board
and chip design.
About PADS PCB Design Tools:
PADS, Mentor Graphics’ world-leading desktop PCB design tool,
enables you to develop PCBs within a highly productive, scalable, and
easy-to-use environment.
PADS solutions cover the spectrum of PCB development, from schematic
entry to manufacturing preparation.
New Features:
The following new features are available in this release:
- LP Wizard
Modified courtyard round off to the “Place Round” value unless
that value is greater than 0.1 mm if units are millimeters or microns,
or 4 mils if units are mils or inches.
- ECAD/MCAD Collaborator
Collaboration between Electronic CAD and Mechanical CAD is greatly
simplified by sharing XML data between the two systems while allowing
ECAD and MCAD users to view data in their own tool environment.
Changes suggested by engineers on either system can be viewed and
either approved or rejected in both systems. Using the ECAD-MCAD
Collaborator not only makes information sharing much easier, but also
ensures more accurate communication and quicker product development.
The ECAD/MCAD Collaborator uses the new ProSTEP standard to allow a
new level of collaboration between the mechanical and electrical CAD
groups. Currently, ProEngineer also supports this standard. ECAD/MCAD
Collaborator is an additional option, contact your sales person for
more information.
- Improved 3D Viewer
The 3D Viewer is enhanced to support the ECAD/MCAD Collaborator.
Operations on components are shown dynamically in both PADS Layout and
the Collaborator. You now also have the option to see more detail
(traces, vias, coppers) in static mode.
- Create Arcs for Differential Pairs
The ability to add arcs to differential pairs during interactive
routing is added to PADS Router. This is supported when the diff pair
is routed in “join” mode, and in “route separately”. The
behavior is similar to the Add Arc functionality of the single net
interactive routing
- Import Expedition Databases into PADS Layout
The Import feature within PADS Layout is updated to support
Expedition PCB databases.
Name: Mentor Graphics PADS
Version: 9.3 32bit
Interface: english
OS: Windows XP / Vista / Seven
Size: 1.1 Gb