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Altova DatabaseSpy 2011 is the unique multi-database query, design, and database comparison tool. It connects to all major databases, easing SQL editing, database structure design, database content editing, database schema and content comparison, and database conversion for a fraction of the cost of single-database solutions. DatabaseSpy 2011 boasts an elegant user interface that simplifies querying, visualizing, charting, managing, designing, constructing, editing, comparing, and converting relational databases. Features like table browsing, data editing, SQL auto-completion entry helper, visual table design, multiple import and export formats, and more, all save time and ensure accuracy. DatabaseSpy 2011 is the one database tool to finally liberate data management.

Altova DatabaseSpy 2011 includes these robust and highly-flexible components and capabilities: Featuge Highlights

Connectivity to all major databases

Quick connect wizard

Database project manager

Online database browser

Database content editor

SQL editor with SQL auto-completion

Charting support to graph the results of SQL queries

SQL formatting and SQL refactoring

Graphical database design tool

Database table compare and merge tool

Database schema compare and merge tool

Support for database structure conversion

Support for XML in databases

Support for editing views and stored procedures

Data export and import tool

Intuitively load or save binary data in database tables

Support for Altova Global Resources

32-bit and 64-bit versions

And much more . . .

One database tool unlocks them all

Altova DatabaseSpy 2011 is the database tool designed to be the database professionals multi-purpose database utility, connecting to all major database types: Microsoft SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008

IBM DB2 8, 9

IBM DB2 for iSeries v5.4, 6.1

Oracle 9i, 10g, 11g

Sybase 12

MySQL 4, 5

PostgreSQL 8

Microsoft Access 2003, 2007

Altova DatabaseSpy 2011 is an innovative database tool for database administrators (DBAs), database developers, and other data-oriented IT professionals featuring a unified user interface that permits simultaneous connection to databases of different kinds. DatabaseSpy 2011 is uniquely beneficial when you need to interact with multiple databases created at different times by different developers.

The versatile DatabaseSpy SQL editor features customizable SQL auto-completion to accelerate SQL query development. And, you can generate and save customized charts from query results in line, bar, pie, and gauge styles. The DatabaseSpy graphical database design tool lets you visually modify tables and relationships without writing SQL statements. DatabaseSpy also lets you compare and merge the contents of database tables via its intuitive graphical representation. You can even use DatabaseSpy to convert an existing database structure to one of a different type.