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EPLAN Electric P8 is the ultimate flexible solution for global controls design engineering. It’s highly innovative and user friendly. In fact, EPLAN Electric P8 is so much more that to better describe what makes it different, superior and ahead of its time, perhaps we should mention what it’s not.

New dimensions in engineering

We have been developing engineering solutions for more than 20 years. As a subsidiary of Rittal within the Friedhelm Loh conglomerate, we are synonymous with continuous development, innovation, longevity and secure investment.

True to our motto "EPLAN your Engineering", we provide our customers with innovative solutions for an array of engineering disciplines and for industrial manufacturing, including professional services for customized solutions and integration of systems within your organisation. When used in conjunction with Autodesk in mechanical design, we become synonymous with global expertise in CAE and CAD.

A presence in over 50 countries across the globe ensure that a professional consultant service is close at hand. More than 18,000 customers of all sizes from a broad range of industries, are using our solutions every day – and are opening up new dimensions in engineering.

About EPLAN Electric P8

EPLAN Electric P8 is proven to help increase quality, reduce cost and bring products to market faster whenever and wherever electrical controls design is an important part of a business.

EPLAN Electric P8 is not a drafting package. With EPLAN Electric P8, you will eliminate, repetitive, unproductive, mundane and tedious manual work associated with traditional drafting packages. No more spending valuable time on wire numbering, device naming, cross referencing, checking for errors and creating bill of materials and wire lists. Instead, you’ll get to focus your full attention on design engineering to meet critical deadlines and fulfill high accuracy and quality expectations.

What's New in EPLAN Electric P8 2.0

Propelled by 25-plus years of solid experience, constant innovation and industry leadership in the electrical CAD/CAE field, EPLAN takes you to a new dimension in design automation where your ability to create, manage and document your controls hardware projects will reach new levels of efficiency, flexibility and global integration. You'll gain unprecedented productivity, quality and accuracy in the design of your electrical schematics and all associated reports, lists and forms.

Version 2.0, the much anticipated and the biggest upgrade since the unveiling of the EPLAN Platform in 2006 boasts over 1,000 new and improved features to make companies’ engineering even more efficient, more precise and more integrated.

Discover the next generation of EPLAN software - Here are just a few of the cutting edge capabilities you'll find in the new EPLAN Electric P8 v2.0.

EPLAN Pro Panel Add-on Module

With the EPLAN Pro Panel module users can now quickly and easily create drawings and production documentation of panel layouts with associated 3D views. Fully integrated into the EPLAN Platform, it offers greater control and flexibility to make optimum use of the available mounting space. The result is substantial quality, cost and efficiency gains in collaborative product development process

Net Based Wiring Add Module

The Net Based Wiring Module allows users to create schematics without having to pay special attention to the order in which the components are connected. They can simply add this information into the schematics later when the spatial arrangement of the components and their optimal wire routing is finalized