Download key generator for Altova DiffDog Enterprise 2011.

Altova DiffDog* 2010 is the unique diff / merge utility for files, directories, and database schemas and tables. This powerful, easy-to-use diff merge tool lets you quickly compare and merge text or source code files, synchronize directories, and compare database schemas and the contents of database tables via its straightforward visual interface. Uniquely, it also provides advanced XML-aware differencing and editing capabilities.

Features: Compare text files

Merge file differences

Compare XML files

Compare folders and directories

Compare and merge Office 2007 (OOXML) files

Compare files inside ZIP archive pairs

Compare XML Schemas and create XSLT transformations for XML data files

Database schema differencing with merge options

Compare and merge database tables

Save database comparison files for quick reload

Set XML differencing options

Sync directories in one step

Examine XML files in Grid View

Generate Unix diff-style reports

And much more . . .