Download key generator for Maya2011 Mac Subscription Advantage Pack

Maya 2011 for Mac English, Subscription Advantage Pack (a.k.a. Maya 2011.5).This worked great with Maya 2011 (followed YouTube instructions, did the Terminal lines, etc. ), -no issues, no lag, excellent!

When I attempted the install for the Maya 2011 SP1 SAP, everything works, except for: -------------------------------

Dyld Error Message: Library not loaded: @executable_path/libadlmint.dylib

Referenced from: /Applications/Autodesk/maya2011.5/

Reason: Incompatible library version: Maya requires version 3.0.17 or later, but libadlmint.dylib provides version 1.3.34 <--see update below.


I used the ***** from the Blade ("Maya.2011.*****s.R1").

UPDATE: replace the old libadlmint.dylib file with the new libadlmint.dylib from the Maya 2011 SAP *****


you only need: "Instructions.txt"



"Maya 2011 Serials & Keys.txt"

That's all.

This ***** is for Maya only. It worked for me. I don't use Matchmover or Composite, so I didn't ***** those. I cannot guarantee that the *****s for those apps will work.

Make sure you have Little Snitch installed and properly configured.

1) First, uninstall Maya OS X.

To uninstall Maya on Mac OS X

A) Navigate to the Maya directory (by default, /Applications/Autodesk/maya2011/).

B) Drag the maya2011 application to the trash. Then empty the trash.

C) Open a Terminal window and execute the following commands, where

is your product key.: adlmreg *u S

adlmreg *u N

This ensures that product information is properly removed from the ProductInformation.pit file.


2) Install Maya 2011.5 (Subscription_Advantage_Pack)

Use the following info to install: Serial = 666-42943644

Product Key = 657C1

You can uncheck the Composite and MatchMover apps if you want to. I don't use them.

3) Use the enclosed ***** and read instructions.txt.

Once again, this worked for me. I completely uninstalled Maya 2011 SP1 and re-installed using Joshpurple's disc image. Then I used this process to *****. I did not create this ***** (I don't know who did). Thanks to all who worked on it.

UPDATE: it appears to work on Composite and Matchmover (looks like Matchmover was updated by Autodesk to 2011.5, but Composite was not).

this ***** simply involves the replacement of a few key files. In fact, you have to replace "libadlmint.dylib" in three different places, so remember to option-drag it in order to save the original.

I applied this after uninstalling Maya 2011 R1 and installing the Maya 2011 SAP.