Download key generator for GenoPro 2011.

Whether you are a professional academic

or a family-history hobbyist, GenoPro 2007 can undoubtedly meet your genealogical needs. GenoPro lets you do everything you would expect from genealogy software, such as create family profiles, link individuals, and add such information as birth and death dates. But where GenoPro excels is in the collection of additional metadata.

The best example of this is the program's options to characterize the emotional relationship between two people. The software cuts to the chase, offering such unique descriptions as Violence, Cut-off/Estranged, and Manipulative. Moreover, you are not limited to creating families: the software supports the creation of social organizations and non-family relationships, such as "Reporting to." GenoPro also offers impressive export features, including copying to Excel, exporting to GEDCOM (a genealogy interchange format), and creating SQL scripts. You can also publish your tree to the GenoPro Web site for free. Developers can use the GenoPro SDK for more options. The Help files were also impressive. The application opens to a list of useful tips, and the Help file itself is clear, well illustrated, and includes quick video tutorials. Searching Help turns up an active user forum.

New features of GenoPro 2011

* Draw your family tree with pictures.

* New tools to create professional genograms.

* New legends that display only the symbol used.

* Updated HTML report generator to also generate PDF documents.

* Built-in dialog to open your online backups, inbox and previously sent documents.

* Built-in dialog to search your computer to find all your GenoPro files.

* Safe and easy to install and/or upgrade.

Changelog: * Toogling of toolbar buttons for medical conditions (one click to add a disease, and one click to remove a disease)

* Fixed performance issue with toolbar buttons for large family trees (over 100,000 individuals)

* Fixed bug where GenoPro would display text at random locations (and sometimes crash) after changing the display color depth (typically from a screensaver or playing a game)

* Built in feature to send a .gno document directly "GenoPro" without requiring an acount and/or password. This feature is useful for technical support by phone where a user has a problem with his/her family tree.

* More descriptive error messages when sending .gno files to invalid email addresses.

* Fixed bug in the Account Recovery dialog where the user would receive an error message when entering multiple email addresses.

* [New feature] Built-in interface to recover a lost account (registration key) and/or update email address.

* Fixed bug where entering a long password would display 'invalid password'.

* Fixed bug where GenoPro would display 'invalid file format' when opening old .gno files created with the 'Fast Save' option.

* Updated report template 'Narrative Report' and also fixed the erroneous message about invalid coordinates for the household object.

* Removed the drawing of a tiny square as the gender when drawing males in anthropological kinship diagrams.

* Fixed bug where the description text for the automatic/default colors were missing.

* Improved the interface to download and upgrade GenoPro.

* Updated the Narrative Report and the following languages: Catalan, Czech, Gree, French, Latvian/lettish, Portuguese and Russian.