Download key generator for Mellowmuse Vintage Series Bundle VST 01.2011

Take advantage of this specially priced bundle comprising of all 3 Mellowmuse Vintage Series plugins: CP2V, EQ2A, and SATV, in VST format. Bring analogue style warmth and richness to your digital recordings for one very affordable price. Save 30% off the price of purchasing these 3 plug-ins individually.

Vintage Series Bundle includes

* CP2V, track and program compressor that captures the smoothness and harmonic richness of analogue circuits, in an easy to use package.

* EQ2A, vintage styled equalizer that recreates the presence, clarity and colour of classic analogue designs.

* SATV, analogue modelled saturation plug-in with four preset models, perfect for adding harmonic depth and richness to any material.