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ACDSee Photo Manager - the program is a multifunctional tool for viewing, converting, editing, cataloging, sorting, printing, publishing graphic images of a variety of formats. In addition, the program allows you to play various multimedia files. Supports more than 50 different formats, including formats such as JPEG, TIFF, PSD, MP3, MPG, WMV, GIF, WAV, MPEG, MOV, BMP and others.

The program also provides support for the original formats of different manufacturers of digital photography. Photographers will be able to put the edited photos in an attractive frame, apply special effects, upload your work to online photo archives, and create a colorful slide show.

- Updated installation most distributions in the distribution in connection with the release of an updated version of the application. Pack a spoiler below.

- Portable version and RePack until earlier - 12.0.342

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- RePack: The installation is now completely silent - when you start the installation file is hidden - the program installed itself in the background.

- On the basis of its redesigned portable version of the program, which is due to this thin with 44.5 to 30 MB

Changes in the distribution of 4/26/2010: - Replaced Russian version of the installer with the version of an updated translation of Loginvovchyka 25/04/2010

- Added a batch file automatically install the full version. location "Russianunattended_install.bat"

- Added English version of Portable someones production

- For clarity, all placed in folders with an indication of the language localization

- Crack, keygen and other useful files in a folder made Keygen & Utils

* Play audio and video files.

* Recording the graphics on the disc.

* Display a slideshow.

* Creation of HTML-album with photos.

Import graphic images from cameras and scanners.

* The set of tools for adding effects to images, improved tools for creating presentations.

* Simplifying the process of correcting photos.

* View and manage video and audio files and photos in more than 100 graphic formats including BMP, GIF, IFF, JPG, PCX, PNG, PSD, RAS,


* Ability to create a folder for photos, a password-protected.

* The distribution of photographs on the calendar.

* Sort photos using filters to block XMP.

* Support for Unicode.

* Creating backups in the process of importing pictures to your computer from any external device.

* Auto-distribution of images in a directory on established categories.

* Ability to send photos via e-mail, create web-gallery from the application ACDSee, without worrying about the size of images.

* Enhanced slide show: additional color effects, music and scaling.

* Printing photos at home using a special tool ACDSee, lets you print one or more images on a single

page, set up new printing options.

* Automatic saving of profiles to find photos for future use.

In RePack missing: ShowRoom, sending and downloading the different services, record DVDs, modyli apxivov (RAR, ZIP - submitted) Clyzhba TiVo, modyl dekodipovaniya DjVu and fifty CHM help files. Disabled Startup Guide, StartupWizard, AutoUpdate. No registration is required.

* Refined user interface that helps you quickly navigate between the panels organization, viewing, editing and publication of graphic files.

* Support for laptops with Windows * 7.

* Selection of the best photos for later viewing, editing and sharing with one click of visual notes.

* Definition of edited photos from the first glance.

* Improved tools to work with flowers.

* Usovershenstvoannye highlight settings of the selected area.

* Improved means of achieving clarity of images, a means of noise reduction, brightness and color noise, eliminating scratches image.

* Publish and protect your photos online. Fast moving graphics files directly from ACDSee 12 on your web space by clicking and dragging. In this case, who bought the program, users will be provided by the repository to store files on servers ACDSee up to 2 GB.

* Optimize and sending image files via FTP channels directly through ACDSee 12.

ACDSee FotoSlate 4 Photo Print Studio meets all your requirements for printing images. Simple and easy to print photos as large and small cards to the documents or in a purse. Save expensive ink for your printer and photo paper with Assistant Test Printer Paper Saver. Turn your job into the joy of using more than 100 thematic framework for the design or choosing the best photos to create calendars and calendars

FotoSlate 4 Photo Print Studio - user-friendly application for printing digital photographs, has a large number of templates and wizards print. FotoSlate 4 makes it possible to do simple photo albums, using a variety of project templates. The structure of the Masters was called Master Scrapbook (Scrapbook Wizard), from a large number of multi-file template select one with an appropriate background, for example, Snow, Summer Days, Autumn Leaves, birthday, holidays, etc., and its texture and background the page image used in customized projects.

Advanced Properties provide control over the color and background images for the project; option is used to sort Sort Thumbnails from the View menu, which supports the most common options to sort Windows: by name, size, type and modification; conservation projects in PDF format.

PDF functionality automatically compresses files to simplify their storage.

Title: ACDSee Photo Manager 1912 + FotoSlate 4 Photo Print Studio (2010)

Operating System: Windows

Language: English/Russian/German