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FAB Subtitler Professional Edition Full | 61MB

FAB Subtitler Professional Edition is HD video compatible

It can be used to

- prepare subtitles (same functionality as FAB Subtitler Standard)

- read timecode with a timecode reader

- display video on PC monitor and record video to hard disk in WMV format

- convert between different subtitle file formats

- record open subtitles to tape (insertion into composite/component/SDI/HD-SDI video)

- transmit subtitles manually or synchronized with timecode to external subtitle insertion units

- convert subtitles into DVD, HD-DVD, Blu-ray & Digital Cinema (DCIM) format

- insert open subtitles into WMV files

- insert teletext and DVB subtitles into TS (transport stream) files (as FAB Subtitler MPEG)

- export open subtitles in AAF format which can be imported into Adobe Premiere

- export open subtitles in MOV format which can be imported into Avid and Final Cut Pro

All languages supported by Windows are supported by FAB Subtitler incl. Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hebrew, Arabic, Cyrillic, Greek and more.


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