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Intel Parallel Composer 2011 Package ID: composer_2011.063 | 334MB

Tool Intel Parallel Composer is part of the kit Intel Parallel Studio offers rich opportunities and developing parallel applications for programmers using Microsoft, Visual C.

Year: 2011

Name of Program: Intel Parallel Composer 2011

Software version: Package ID: composer_2011.063

Latest version: Package ID: composer_2011.063

Language: English

Treatment: Complete

Type of medicine: the license file

System requirements: Intel (x86/x64) Processor, 1GB RAM, 3GB HDD

Size: 334 Mb

It combines the compilers and libraries, as well as the extension for Microsoft Visual Studio debugger support, simplifying and accelerating the conversion of sequential and parallel applications in a multi-threaded.

Create applications that use the full potential of multicore processors, using the tool Intel Parallel Composer.

* Intel C is compatible with Microsoft Visual C, supports the latest technology and includes the OpenMP language extensions to support and facilitate the transformation of the code in parallel

* Enhanced Intel Parallel Debugger simplifies debugging of parallel applications and provides an accurate flow

* Structural components of the Intel Threading Building Blocks, and Intel Integrated Performance Primitives include standard and special functions, has already been transformed into a multi-threaded, which allows developers to quickly add parallelism in their applications

Integration into MS Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010

Treatment procedure: During installation, offer the license file.