Download key generator for Microsoft Windows XP Starter Edition SP3

Microsoft Windows XP Starter Edition SP3 - OEM Slipstreamed | 571MB

Microsoft Windows XP Starter Edition is designed to offer an affordable and easy-to-use entry point to the Windows family of products that is optimized for lower-end hardware, tailored to local markets, in local languages, and is compatible with a wide range of Windows-based applications and devices.

Windows XP Starter Edition began as a limited pilot program at the request of government partners and then grew into a product benefitting millions of first-time PC owners in 139 countries around the world. Windows Vista Starter was launched in January 2007 as part of the Windows Vista Family.

File: V3ACOEM_EN.iso

Size: 595619840 bytes

Release: September 2010


SHA1: F74491FDFAEB82F81F05BF2BB887877619D3FB7C

CRC32: EE689A97

Volume Label: V3ACOEM_EN