Download key generator for Ueberschall Liquid Instruments Saxophone VSTi DXi RTAS AU HYBRiD DVDR

The award winning Liquid Instrument that started it all, Liquid Sax. From The Cotton Club to Ipanema, with these loops youll be ready to set the mood or enchant the setting in no time flat. Difficult to capture a saxs magnitude and depth of expression at first glance, so instead of trying to record all possible static instrument nuances (which isnt realistic given the player is the key to the tone of this instrument) we decided to develop an engine offering options for restructuring what matters most, the human performance.

While also allowing users to maintain command of creative control. Thanks to Liquid, the loops can retain as genuine quality as desired. These loops are the real thing, not acoustic models or multi-samples, but live, emotionally interwoven recordings from a player whos done the time and made the commitment it takes to master their tone.

Sax Types: * Soprano

* Alto

* Tenor

* Baritone

Sax Styles: smooth 50 s bar-jazz, swing, bebop and hardbop. Boogaloo, soulful 60 s riffs, funky 70 s licks, smoky bossa novas, latin brazil, dirty rock phrases, 80 s pop, 90 s acid jazz, nu jazz, and many more...

With Liquids straightforward matrix interface, extending or changing sax notes, bends, glides, reed shifts and other sax novelties in a loop is no problem. One of the most gorgeous instruments is now ready to fuse authentically with your pieces.

Features: + control audio material as simply as midi data

+ change notes within the phrase

+ adapt tempo and key

+ select from a wide range of musical scales

+ control all parameters in realtime

+ pre-screening with adapted pitch and tempo

+ easily generate your individual setup

+ high quality Melodyne technology

+ multiple content management

+ edit start and ending

+ quick sound browser

+ all parameters midi controllable

+ save audio of original and modified loops

+ export to midi

+ sync to host

+ great bandwidth of styles

+ highest quality recording equipment.