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Rhinoceros 4 SR6 [XfORCE] + VRAY For Rhino SR 1.5

To be an effective designer today, you need tools to quickly develop your designs and accurately communicate them to everyone in the product research, development, marketing, and manufacturing or construction process.

Rhino 4.0 is the most significant upgrade in the history of Rhino, with hundreds of new features and enhancements.-Modeling enhancement include robust variable blend tools, improved Booleans, and G-infinity™ blending.*

• Editing new features include UDT for free-form deformation of all geometry types, feature recognition for solids editing and history for editing surfaces by changing their input curves.*

• Interface enhancements including SmartTrack™ technology, heads up prompts, advanced tooltips, and live help with video clips. Details.*

• Display enhancements take advantage of the latest graphic card technology to provide a major speed improvement, custom advanced display modes, new analysis tools, dual-screen support, and stereo.*

• Rendering and animation enhancements including faster basic rendering, advanced texture mapping tools, updated Flamingo and Penguin, Brazil r/s, and new third-party renderers from V-Ray …*

• 2-D drawing/drafting tools including line styles, line weights, hidden lines, dimensions, hatching, page layout and printing/plotting.*

• Mesh modeling, editing, analysis, repair, and rapid prototyping. Major enhancements in mesh creation and editing. Also many new tools for STL repair and 3-D printing.*

• Analysis with new tools for both measurement and display. Also enhanced tools detecting problems and evaluating model quality so the problems downstream can be avoided.*

• Large projects support with hierarchical layer management, file locking, and enhanced support for worksessions, blocks, and reference files.*

• Compatibility enhancements including improved PDF, AI 8+, STEP, DWG/DXF, PLY, DGN, FBX, SolidWorks, Google Earth, SketchUP, and WAMIT support.*

• Software developer tools for users and third-party developers include an update C++ SDK, a new .NET SDK, and a new rendering SDK.*

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