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Autodesk Subscription 2011 MegaPack is unique collection of all available additions, called Subscription Pack, available to subscribers only licensed Autodesk Inc.
Autodesk Subscription is the best way to stay current with the latest design technology, while gaining the benefits of simplified software management, easy budgeting, e-Learning, and support. Subscription customers receive access to resources and events, including premium benefits at Autodesk University, exclusive webcasts, upgrades, and prequalification for software beta programs. For a fixed annual fee, you can access the technology and support services that you need to make the most out of your software investment and keep your design tools up-to-date.

Autodesk Subscription 2011 MegaPack includes:

ArchVision RPC Content for AutoCAD Architecture 2011 and AutoCAD MEP 2011
AutoCAD* Architecture 2011 and AutoCAD* MEP 2011 subscription customers now have access to a library of Rich Photorealistic Content (RPC™) from ArchVision*. The library consists of over 100 high-quality images of people, vehicles and plants, enabling users to transform renderings into effective, lifelike scenes. Using RPC images, objects can be added without sacrificing rendering performance.

Autodesk Civil Visualization Extension
The Autodesk* Civil Visualization Extension provides an easy-to-use, purpose-built design visualization workflow for civil engineers using Autodesk* 3ds Max* Design with AutoCAD* Civil 3D* software or other civil design applications.

With this extension, civil engineers can create high-quality visualizations of their projects, enabling them to validate designs through simulations and communicate design intent during planning, zoning, and public involvement meetings.

Even if they have little-to-no experience with 3ds Max Design, engineers using the Civil Visualization Extension can:
• Establish a direct link between AutoCAD Civil 3D and 3ds Max Design so that visualizations can be automatically updated as the design evolves
• Enhance realism of the visualization with civil engineering-specific materials and content such as signage, vehicles, and road striping
• Visualize realistic traffic simulations in context

In addition to significantly improving the workflow between 3ds Max Design and AutoCAD Civil 3D, the Civil Visualization Extension also enables 3ds Max Design users to create visualizations from a range of civil engineering design file formats, including Bentley* MXROAD, Bentley* InRoads*, GENIO and Bentley* Geopak, along with 12D and LandXML.

The Autodesk Civil Visualization Extension includes two components:
• The Autodesk Dynamite VSP Plug-in for 3ds Max Design 2010 or 2011, which also integrates the Dynamite SIM traffic simulation technology
• The Autodesk Dynamite VSP Exporter for AutoCAD Civil 3D 2010 or 2011

Also included is an instructional whitepaper entitled, “Using the Autodesk Civil Visualization Extension for 3ds Max Design and AutoCAD Civil 3D.” New feature videos, customer stories, and additional resources can be found at

The extension is available in English only but will install on all language versions of AutoCAD Civil 3D and 3ds Max Design.

• The Civil Visualization Extension will only run when a valid copy of Autodesk 3ds Max Design 2010 or 2011, or a trial version of 3ds Max Design 2011 is present on the same machine. It will not install with Autodesk* 3ds Max* 2010 or 2011. Crossgrades from 3ds Max to 3ds Max Design are available through your reseller.

Autodesk MatchMover 2011
Autodesk* MatchMoverTM is a camera tracking application that automatically captures 3D camera path and camera parameters from 2D video and film image sequences. After capturing a 3D camera path with MatchMover, you can export the camera data to a number of file formats supported by 3D animation or compositing programs. This allows you to work with the camera data in your favorite animation or compositing application to accurately place 3D objects into a video or film sequence. Providing a straightforward and cost-effective way to mix 2D live-action footage with 3D animation and special effects, MatchMover allows you to take advantage of the 2D world of film and the 3D world of animation.

MatchMover extracts all camera parameters from information contained in a film sequence. From a set of 2D points automatically tracked through an image sequence, MatchMover computes the following:
• The camera path and all the camera internal parameters such as zoom and distortion.
• The coordinates of the 3D points that project onto the 2D point tracks.
• The motion of independent moving objects.

A preview sequence with additional computer-generated objects in the scene can be generated to check the quality of the tracking result. If necessary, post filtering can be used to smooth the computed camera path. The camera data is then ready to export to an animation or compositing program.

With MatchMover, no geometric data from the set or from the camera is required, but they can be used for faster computation and stronger constraints. Integrated high-end 2D tracking modes enable very precise camera reconstruction. MatchMover works with any type of camera equipment, any image resolution, and can process any camera path in the most commonly used image formats.

Autodesk Revit DB Link 2011
Import and export data between a Revit Structure 2011 project and an external database, and then more easily maintain relationships of linked data with Autodesk* Revit* DB Link 2011.

Autodesk Revit Model Review 2011
Automate the process of reviewing and auditing building information modeling (BIM) projects in Autodesk* Revit* Architecture 2011, Autodesk* Revit* MEP 2011, or Autodesk* Revit* Structure 2011 software with the Autodesk* Revit* Model Review plug-in:
• Check the accuracy and consistency of a Project or Family against standards set by your firm, your clients, or industry best practices.
• Correct inconsistencies with a single click or with instructions provided when manual fixes are required.

Autodesk Storm and Sanitary Analysis 2011 Extension
The Autodesk* Storm and Sanitary Analysis 2011 Extension is a comprehensive, hydrodynamic hydrology and hydraulic analysis application for planning and designing urban drainage systems, storm sewers including highway drainage systems, and sanitary sewers.

With this extension, engineers and planners using AutoCAD* Civil 3D* 2011 and/or AutoCAD* Map 3D 2011 software can analyze both simple and complex networks including:
• Inlets and catch basins
• Detention ponds and outlet structures
• Interconnected ponds
• Flow dividers, standpipes, weirs, and orifices
• Pumps and lift stations
• Manholes and junctions
• Rivers, streams, and ditches
• Culverts and bridges

Some of the key features and benefits of the Autodesk Storm and Sanitary Analysis 2011 Extension are:
• Bi-directional exchange of data with AutoCAD Map 3D and AutoCAD Civil 3D
• No limitation on the number of pipes or elements you can include in your model
• Widely-accepted SWMM analysis engine
• Broad range of hydrologic methods
• Stormwater BMPs
• Detention pond design
• Stormwater quality modeling
• Customizable report generation for regulatory review
• GIS interoperability
• Work in either US or Metric (SI) units

Batch Print for Autodesk Revit 2011
Batch Print provides an easy way to print a large number of drawings (views and sheets) from a Autodesk* Revit* Architecture 2011, Autodesk* Revit* Structure 2011, or Autodesk* Revit* MEP 2011 software project.

After preparing the default printer and the Revit software project, use Batch Print to send any number of drawings to the printer and to control the ord