Download key generator for Sonart Audio Venice Deluxe Sounds Mellotron

The Mellotron is an electro-mechanical, polyphonic keyboard originally developed and built in Birmingham, England in the early 1960s. It superseded the Chamberlin, which was the world's first sample-playback keyboard. The heart of the instrument is a bank of parallel linear magnetic audio tapes, which have approximately eight seconds of playing time each. Playback heads underneath each key enable the playing of pre-recorded sounds.

The earlier MKI and MKII models contained two side-by-side keyboards: The right keyboard accessed 18 "lead/instrument" sounds such as strings, flutes, and brass; The left keyboard played pre-recorded musical rhythm tracks in various styles.

Contains programs for EXS24, Kontakt 2.1, Kontakt, Reason, Giga, Halion

6.2 GB, 3900+ samples, 190+ patches

24-bit core wav library

196 new patches

7 different formats (EXS24, Kontakt 2.1, Kontakt 1.5, Giga, SF2 | Reason, Halion and Wav)

All NEW Sounds developed by VDS sound designers.

Fully programmable

Sounds legendary instruments & Sounds Banks

(Cello, Viola, Violin, Bass, Guitars, Choir, Flute, Organs and many others!)

VDS Mellotron System Requirements - PC

6.2 GB free hard drive space

1.3Ghz CPU Pentium 4 or equivalent

512 Mb RAM

VDS Mellotron System Requirements - Macintosh

6.2 GB free hard drive space

Macintosh G4 1Ghz CPU

512 Mb RAM