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Hardcore Bass XP is the best sounding; most flexible instrument in its class for modern and classic rock and R&B applications. It*s got the kind of bite and girth you can only get from sampling top-notch instruments through a killer signal path." - EQ Review (EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY AWARD)
Nothing is overlooked: release samples, automatic alternation of up and down picking, keyswitching, legatos, fx, slides, and stacato stopping are all included. Plus, all of the samples were recorded through both a modern and a vintage 1960s bass rig, enabling you to mix between the two signal paths to create your own unique tone.


Massive 6 Gigabytes of detailed multisamples!
Includes 7 of the most used Electric Basses:
1961 Fender Jazz Fretless (fingered)
1963 H*fner (picked and fingered)
1965 Gibson (picked)
1966 Silvertone (picked and fingered)
1972 Rickenbacker (picked)
Musicman Stingray Bass
Lakland 5594 5-String Basses
Excellent at making authentic realistic bass sounds
Fingered as well as picked basses plus an amazing fretless bass included
All of samples were recorded through a modern bass rig and a vintage rig from the 60s, enabling you to mix between the two signal paths.


1) Unrar and mount or burn the image
2) Use the keygen included in c-ewqlhbxpkg.rar
3) Enjoy it!